Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21, 2015


Skeet Ulrich to join Unforgettable on A&E

Darby Stanchfield answers questions about her character on Scandal (ABC)

First look at Jon Turteltaub's Rush (CBS)

Beth Grant's Mindy Project gets new life with Hulu

Preview of Shiloh Fernandez's movie Return to Sender

Aasif Mandvi challenges Muslim stereotypes with Halaal in the Family web series

Richard Speight Jr's movie The Evil Gene makes it to Cannes

Skeet Ulrich talks about his favorite horror movie at Texas Frightmare 2015

Update on Stephen Chosbky's movie Beauty and the Beast

Stephen Scaia and Matthew Federman at Comic Bug

*POP will have a Jericho marathon on May 25 - check local listings for times*


Christian Lanz (Mitch's Gang Henchman) May 1 1977
John Diehl (Governor Trader) May 1 1950
Trevor Jones (Production Secretary) May 7 1977
Mia Ford (Katie) May 8 1997
Anthony Molinari (Stunt Double) May 9 1974
Stephen Scaia (Co-Producer) May 11 1976
Chris Kramer (Chavez) May 14 1975
Bob Stephenson (Jimmy) May 18 1967
Kevin Cerchiai (Boom Operator) May 19 1969
Candace Bailey (Skylar Stevens) May 20 1982
Kassim Osgood (Searcher) May 20 1980
Tripp Pickell (New Bern Soldier) May 21 1974
A J Holyfield (Baseball Bat Kid) May 27 1992

Elil Golub (Grip) May 31 1971

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