Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, 2016


Timothy Omundson Talks about Galvant, Musical Theatre, and His Majestic King's Beard

David Meunier Joins Arrow Cast as Ishmael Gregory for Season 5

April Parker Jones Talks about If Loving You Is Wrong Series on Upfronts (audio clip)

Beth Grant Stars in Lifetime Movie Network Movie A Mother's Escape

Dan Shotz Black Sails Returns for 4th (Final) Season January 2017

Darby Stanchfield Stars in Anti-Bullying Movie Loserville

Esai Morales in How To Get Away With Murder in Season 3

Skeet Ulrich Joins Cast of CW's Riverdale

Richard Speight Jr Talks About New Movie Evil Gene

Lennie James Talks About Morgan in The Walking Dead Season 7

Clayne Crawford Talks About New Show Legal Weapon (Also Teaser Clip)


Esai Morales (Major Edward Beck) Oct 1 1962
Hailey McCann (Ashlee) Oct 3 1995
Matthew Taylor (Stunts) Oct 7 1970
Todd Bryant (Stunts) Oct 8 1963
Erin Daniels (Maggie) Oct 9 1973
Reggie Lougue (Transportation) Oct 10 1966
Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) Oct 11 1965
Tony Nikneijadi ( Production Assistant) Oct 13 1976
James Whitmore Jr (Director) Oct 24 1948
Christopher Wiehl (Roger Hammond) Oct 29 1970
Michael Broderick (Cheyenne Soldier) Oct 30 1968

Paul Hargrave (Location Manager) Nov 2 1962
Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) Nov 5 1962
Alex Carter (Fire Chief) Nov 12 1964

Suzanne C Swindle (Script Supervisor) Nov 14 1962

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15, 2016


Aasif Mandvi Talks Acting, Writing, Working Out - And Eating

Aasif Mandvi Talks About How Being Muslim in Post 9/11 US

Aasif Mandvi Cast in TBS Dark Comedy Pilot "World's End"

Clayne Crawford Talks About His Role in FOX "Lethal Weapon" Pilot

David Meunier Joins the Cast of CW's "Arrow" in Season 5

Jonathan Steinberg's "Black Sails" 4th Season Teaser Trailer from STARZ

Lennie James Talks About the Future of His Role on "The Walking Dead" on AMC

Lennie James Talks About Remaining Spoiler-Free For "The Walking Dead"

Richard Speight Jr Appears in Slayer's third installment of "Pride in Prejudic" Music Video Trlogy

Sanford Bookstaver (Director) Sep 1 1973

Richard Speight Jr (Bill) Sep 4 1970

Steve Boyum (Director) Sep 4 1952

Allan Lane (Set Dresser/Props) Sep 5 1977

Randolph Scott (Trading Outpost Buyer) Sep 5 1972

Dennis Nusbaum (Village Rebel) Sep 7 1980

Kyle Bornheimer (Chris Calley) Sep 10 1975

David E Brown (Stanley’s Ranger) Sep 13 1967

David Huddleson (EJ Green) Sep 17 1930 - Aug 16 2016

Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh) Sep 18 1949

Geno Monteiro (Aide De Camp) Sep 18 1974

Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond) Sep 20 1973

Julian Chojnacki (Steadicam Operator) Sep 23 1953

Emily Lawless (Art Department/Painter) Sep 24 1969

Kevin McNamara (Second Second Assistant Director) Sep 26 1964

Daniel Lowe (Additional Second Assistant Director) Sep 30 1977

Walker Haynes (Stunts) Sep 30 1974

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10, 2016


Alicia Coppola to join Showtime's "Shameless" in season 7

Lennie James to join "Blade Runner " reboot cast

Gerald McRaney in NBC''s "This is Us" (Premiere Sept 20)

James Remar joins cast of millennial romantic thriller "Altar Rock",

Nice review of Clayne Crawford's FOX show "Lethal Weapon"

Esai Morales to guest star on ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder" in season 3

Jon Turteltaub to direct creature feature movie "Meg"

Aasif Mandvi talks about federal courting ruling on North Caroline voter ID laws the "Daily Show"


Petra Sprecher (Stunt Double: April D Parker) Aug 2 1973

Ann Scott (Stunts) Aug 3 UNKNOWN

Peter Michael Sullivan (Sound Re-recorder Mixer) Aug 5 1964

Juan Carlos Ragas (Agent #3) Aug 5 1969

Cole Taylor (Visual Effects Cordinator) Aug 7 1985

Jon Turtletaub (Executive Producer) Aug 8 1963

Michael F Loomer (On-Set Dresser) Aug 9 1976

Corey Fryia (Gary) Aug 16 1986

David Jedidiah Rose (Production Assistant) Aug 19 1984

John Dalton (EMT Tech) Aug 19 1967

Gerald McRaney (Johnston Green) Aug 19 1947

Joseph Castanon (Woody Taylor) Aug 19 1997

Dan Shotz (Producer/Co-Executive Producer) Aug 21 1976

Fred Tator (Sound Re-recorder Mixer) Aug 25 1948

Devon Read (Military Police Guard) Aug 29 1980

Erik Kieltyka (Assistant Property Master) Aug 31 1978

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016


Skeet Ulrich Stars In Horror Movie About A Cursed L.A. Escape Room

Horror Icon Skeet Ulrich Is Back To Make Us Scream Again

Skeet Ulrich Returns to Horror in "Escape Room"

Skeet Ulrich Stars In 'Escape Room'

Cannes: Skeet Ulrich Returns to Horror in 'Escape Room'

Lethal Weapon: FOX Orders Series Based on Movie Franchise with Clayne Crawford

Fox has remake fever with 'Lethal,' 'Exorcist'

Fox Brings Movies to TV: Watch the Trailers for ‘Lethal Weapon’, 

'Lethal Weapon' Reboot: Everything You Need To Know About 

Halal in the Family: The Sitcom We All Need

Aasif Mandvi’s ‘Halal in the Family’ Wins Peabody-Facebook Award

A Movie Based On The Creepiest Of All Creepypastas, Slender Man, Is Being Developed

'Worry Dolls' gets thumbs up at Cannes, distribution deal with Christopher Wiehl

James Remar Talks About A Possible 'Warriors' Remake & The Failed 'Dexter' Finale


John M Jackson (Ambassador Sam Travis) Jun 1 1950
James Ransone (Daryl) Jun 2 1979
Henry Kingi Jr ( Stunt Performer) Jun 3 1970
Theo Rossi (Randy Payton) Jun 4 UNKNOWN
Phillip W Palmer (Production Sound Mixer) Jun 10 1963
Clare Carey (Mary Bailey) Jun 11 1967
Adam Donshik (Victor Miller) Jun 12 1974
Robert Dolan (Mean-looking Refugee) Jun 18 1961
Ned Schmidtke (Reverend Frank Young) Jun 19 1942
Steve Martin (Construction & Production Medic) Jun 22 1964

Libby West (Woman) Jun 28 1975