Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15, 2016


Aasif Mandvi Talks Acting, Writing, Working Out - And Eating

Aasif Mandvi Talks About How Being Muslim in Post 9/11 US

Aasif Mandvi Cast in TBS Dark Comedy Pilot "World's End"

Clayne Crawford Talks About His Role in FOX "Lethal Weapon" Pilot

David Meunier Joins the Cast of CW's "Arrow" in Season 5

Jonathan Steinberg's "Black Sails" 4th Season Teaser Trailer from STARZ

Lennie James Talks About the Future of His Role on "The Walking Dead" on AMC

Lennie James Talks About Remaining Spoiler-Free For "The Walking Dead"

Richard Speight Jr Appears in Slayer's third installment of "Pride in Prejudic" Music Video Trlogy

Sanford Bookstaver (Director) Sep 1 1973

Richard Speight Jr (Bill) Sep 4 1970

Steve Boyum (Director) Sep 4 1952

Allan Lane (Set Dresser/Props) Sep 5 1977

Randolph Scott (Trading Outpost Buyer) Sep 5 1972

Dennis Nusbaum (Village Rebel) Sep 7 1980

Kyle Bornheimer (Chris Calley) Sep 10 1975

David E Brown (Stanley’s Ranger) Sep 13 1967

David Huddleson (EJ Green) Sep 17 1930 - Aug 16 2016

Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh) Sep 18 1949

Geno Monteiro (Aide De Camp) Sep 18 1974

Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond) Sep 20 1973

Julian Chojnacki (Steadicam Operator) Sep 23 1953

Emily Lawless (Art Department/Painter) Sep 24 1969

Kevin McNamara (Second Second Assistant Director) Sep 26 1964

Daniel Lowe (Additional Second Assistant Director) Sep 30 1977

Walker Haynes (Stunts) Sep 30 1974

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